1. Students shall maintain a high standard of good manners and general behaviour.
  2. They should be polite and well-behaved within the school premises and outside, and nurture qualities of respect for elders and teachers, honesty and truthfulness at all times and pIaces.
  3. Students are exhorted to be orderly, clean in person and mind, neatly dressed, well-behaved at all times, and cooperate in maintaining the cleanliness of the School, classroom and campus.
  4. Absolute silence must be observed during the general assembly, and moving to the classroom and inside the classroom, even in the absence of the teachers. During the recess and intervals students shall not behave viciously or riotously.
  5. Students should not write, carve or scratch on the school walls or deface the school furniture.
  6. Respect for one's property and school property as well as those belonging to others is a sign of responsible student. The students are bound to make good any damage (even by accident) done to the school property & library books.
  7. Students must always speak in English in the school premises and maintain a high standard in their conversation.
  8. Each student is responsible for his/her things, and the school will not be responsible for the loss of books, money or any other article of the student. It is advised that money or other valuable things are not brought to the school.
  9. Books, comics, newspapers, pictures and other not pertaining to their daily work and not approved by the Principal, must not be brought to the school.
  10. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises on any account during the school hours. So parents are requested not to come with such requests.
  11. Latecomers and absentees will not be admitted in the class without the express sanction of the Principal.
  12. No collection of money or other things shall be made in the school without the permission of the Principal.
  13. No students shall take private tuition in any subject from any of the school staff.
  14. Students shall not bring mobile phones, i-pod, cameras, pen drive and any other electronic device in the school campus. If these things are found, they will be confiscated and will not be returned.