Admission in Class LKG:
  1. The child to be registered shall have completed 3½ years on 31st March of the year of admission.
  2. Date of Birth Certificate-
    • Baptism Certificate from the church (in the case of Christian children).
    • Birth Certificate from the competent authority such as:
      • Panchayat
      • Nagarpalika
      • Nagar Nigam
        • No other certificate from whatever source it may be, will be accepted.
        • Date of Birth once given shall not be changed on any account whatsoever.
  3. The child to be registered must be accompanied by the parents.
  4. Stamp size photographs to be affixed on the Registration form and interaction slip.
  5. Interaction: An interaction with the child registered for admission shall be done on the date informed.
    • Children brought for the interaction shall be able to:
      • Recognise and recite English and Hindi alphabets.
      • Recognise and count numbers 1-20
      • Recognise colours, flowers, animals, birds and fruits.
      • Answer questions smartly and intelligently.
    • The interest and AVAILABILITY of parents in helping the child will be specially counted in the selection of Children for admission.
    • Note-
      • Registration does not guarantee admission.
      • It will be subjected to merit and availability of seats.