1. The Annual Promotions are decided through a system of continuous assessment throughout the year. Marks obtained in the annual examination alone will not determine the promotion of the student. The total marks are divided among Unit tests, Regular class works and the Terminal Examinations.
  2. If a student does not show steady and consistent progress in studies, he/she is not liable to be promoted.
  3. There will be no re-examination or examination out of schedule.For being promoted a student must secure a minimum of 40% marks in every subject and 50% in aggregate.
  4. No leave except on medical grounds will be sanctioned during the examinations. Medical leave is to be supported by a Medical Certificate. However, it is not a substitute for examination. The overall performance of the student will be considered.
  5. A pass grade in SUPW, Physical Education and Art and Craft will be an essential requirement for promotions.
  6. All cases of doubt regarding valuation of answer papers and promotion rest entirely at the discretion of the Principal.
  7. A student who is unsuccessful in the same class for two consecutive years will automatically be disqualified from the continuance of studies in the School.