Rev. Fr Benny Paul CST


If I can become the number three, then I can also become the number one - said Saina Nehwal, the Indian Badminton Ace about her own performance.

Her statement show the real sports-person spirit and the determination to excel in her field. One shall not be satisfied with the minimum task and that also when pushed to. There is no room for mediocrity or non-performance. Simultaneously, one shall not be an easy pushover too. There is no reason for doing a good job badly or no reason for postponing the assigned task, even when it is difficult.

We all are called to have a very authentic existence by doing earnestly all the tasks assigned to us as perfect and as beautiful as possible to the best of our abilities.

Here is the call for the Flowerdale to excel in everything, they involve. The School programme is one avenue for the expression of their achievements, a show piece of their excellence, their determination, dedication, strong interventioins to achieve the best possible and their enormous capacities to contribute to community. Our efforts to assimilate and translate into reality an education system that is learning process based requires more effort and coordination among the teaching, managerial and administrative levels and ultimately achieves muti-dimensional outcomes for students. We are glad to say, we have achieved a lot in this line. Yet we have miles to go to fulfil the learning goals that our school has set before us. I extend my deep appreciation and hearty congratulations to the Principal, the Staff and the students for their best efforts and pray for Gods blessings in abundance.