1. Admission of a student in the school will be done on the basis of merit.
  2. For new admissions necessary documents such as Transfer Certificate and Character Certificate from the school last attended and copy of the Mark List of the qualifying examination must be submitted.
  3. In case of admission in LKG, UKG, and I, authentic Birth Certificate issued from competent authorities such as Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika or Panchayat, and Baptism Certificate in the case of Christian children must be submitted.
  4. DATE OF BIRTH once entered will not be altered on any account whatsoever.
  5. For taking admission the parents of the student must be present and sign the admission form.
  6. If a student is absent from the school for three consecutive days from the day of re-opening, without forwarding a leave application in writing, his/her name shall be removed from the school rolls.
  7. If a student is absent from the school for ten consecutive days without permission, his/her name will be removed from the school rolls.
  8. Application for Transfer Certificate must be forwarded by the parent/guardian of the student. Transfer Certificate will be issued after the student has paid all dues and arrears to the school.
  9. If the student is leaving the school during the session, he/she will have to pay all the fees of the current quarter and an additional month.